QTIMI Wear Parts Workshop
Our state of art JOBSHOP offers various re- pair and maintenance solutions, refurbish- ments, rolling solutions, thermal spray coat- ings Improved components, enhance Performance against varying surface wear conditions and also to bring down cost and low down time & less maintenance to in- crease production to earn maximum profit.
Our workshop engages in Repair & mainte- nance services for Cement plants, crusher plants, Readymix plants and other process industries.
Resourceful equipped workshop with CNC Plasma cutting facility, rolling of Plates upto 84MM thickness, lathe machines and radial drill machines.
Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA)
Corrosion Protection System is an extremely durable system that provides total corrosion protection and significant life improvement over conventional barrier coatings. The TSA Corrosion Protection System features self- healing edges, can tolerate a 4 to 6% bare surface and does not require additional ca- thodic protection. It is ideally suited for a variety of marine, atmospheric, subsea and high-temperature applications. Users will realize significant savings in installed and long-term maintenance costs because the need for sacrificial anodes is reduced and coating repair is unnecessary.
We also undertake sandblasting and paint- ing (SB&P) services.


Typical Uses:

The TSA Corrosion Protection System offers a wide range of benefits:
  • Minimum need for maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Superior adhesion
  • Excellent service life
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • No health hazard from solvents or other organic substances
  • No drying/curing time; can be handled almost immediately after application
  • Operating temperature range: -50°F to 1000°F (-45°C to 538°C)
  • Provides a sacrificial anode effect on steel in marine environments
  • Fast turn times
The TSA Corrosion Protection System is highly effective in a wide range of demanding applications for the offshore oil and gas industry:
  • Risers
  • Production
  • Drilling
  • Subsea Pipelines
  • Buoyancy Cans
  • New Offshore
  • Platform Retrofits
  • Dock Pilings & Fenders
  • Lifeboat Stations
  • Flare Booms
  • Access Bridges
  • Splash Zone Steelwork
  • Ship Topside
Plate Rolling Service
QTIMI Rolling Facility in-houses plate rolling machine capacity from 8MM - 80 MM Thick- ness Plate. The facility aims at providing one stop solution for all plate rolling needs. Our three roll plate rolling machine (P series) can roll upto 2.2 MTR Dia and useful for pipe manufacturing.