Products & Services Overview

Chromium Carbide Plates (QDP):
Qatar Technical International Metal Industries (Special Protection plate) is the only Wear resistant composite Wear Plate [QDP] exclusively manufactured in the State of Qatar using Chromium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide cladding endured with advanced technology and technical know-how collaboration.
Maintenance & Repair Solutions:
The team involves markets advance steel and innovative repair/refurbishment solutions which virtually eliminate loss of production due to expensive shutdowns. It also has expertise in the sales and service of concrete batching plants, Mobile concrete mixers, pilling tools and accessories as well as ground engineering tools and provides tailor-made solutions to the ever demanding construction industry.

Thermal Spray Applications
TSA is an abbreviation for the “THERMAL SPRAY ALUMINUM“, it has become a common acronym in today’s industry to describe TSA application of a variety of sacrificial coatings for corrosion resistance. TSA is a process where wire form of metal is melted by an energy source and sprayed onto the surface of another metal or structure for the purpose of corrosion control, wear resistance, traction, or to restore dimensions. This method deposits a consistently atomized coating with high bond strengths and highest deposition rates of any thermal spray method.
QTI Workshop:
Being authorized HARDOX Wear Parts manufacturer in the State of Qatar, we design, refurbish plants, manufacture wear parts and offer a valuable inspection and after sales services. Our facility possesses engineering capabilities to provide cost effective services from conceptual engineering to commissioning. In-situ repairs a team of skilled engineers undertake on-site repair with difficult to weld in-situ assignments to cut down maintenances and production down time.

Products Qatar Technical Metal Industries (QTIMI) is associated with one of India’s largest foundry house located in the southern part of India that’s full of rich resources like iron ore and alloys. BHAL, a reputed ISO certified company with over 2 decades of Metal casting experience and an annual production capacity is 7500MT which is currently exporting castings to USA, Sweden, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kenya & Tanzania. BHAL has its three quarters of its business from the Mining and crushing, segment along with other sectors like Energy, Cement, Marine & Defense. The foundry has a proven track record in the manufacture of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, manganese steel, hi-chrome and ductile irons.

Melting is done using induction furnaces and molding by resin sand system. Patterns are manufactured in house using CNC pattern making machine. Heat treatment facilities include normalizing, annealing, solutionising, water quenching, tempering and stress relieving.

Major products are casting for construction and process plants, valve bodies and internals, pump parts, engineering components, castings for mining industry, marine and dredging applications and parts for oil and gas industry.